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Ole ole eh eh eh

White man got ta pay deh bills Spanish man got ta build deh house China man got ta cook deh food an deh Black man got ta lay deh pipe! This song is burning up the dance floor right now. It is about a year old I think, but things like this take a while […]

Cops like drugs too

Jeff had been working half of his life in the oil industry in the states and spoke as clearly as a news anchor on TV.  “Hell no I don’t trust the police down here,” he said. “Once I found two packets of drugs on the beach in Port (Puerta Cabezas). Each one about as big […]

Lost and found at sea

Edwin is a fisherman in Monkey Point. Fishing isn’t an easy profession anywhere in the world, but for fisherman in the communities it can be downright dangerous. One day Edwin told me a story about what had happened the month prior. “We gon out fah set de lines fah catch shark,” he told me as […]

Poop in a matchbox

The Ministry of Labor requires that I get a health checkup annually. No problem. What do I have to do? I have to have a blood test, give a urine sample and a stool sample. Hmmm…I have never had to produce a stool sample. What if I can’t “produce” on demand at the health center? […]

Local superstitions

As we are trying to grow a garden in Bluefields, I talked to one of the lady working with us to ask her if she would be OK to give me some mint seedlings in exchange of a young tomato plant. She agreed without hesitation but told me she wouldn’t be able to bring the […]

Vive San Jeronimo

San Jeronimo Day has been celebrated in Bluefields for about 40 years since carried from Masaya, Nicaragua by the Obando family. While continuing in its traditional form in Masaya, the celebration in Bluefields has evolved a bit. Some of the costumes are quite spectacular.