Archive | December, 2010

I’ll have what they are having

Everything is a little bit different on the Caribbean coast and the food is no exception. Listed below is a sample of the tasty fare you can expect to find. Rondon (run down) is a stew made with chunky veggies and a meat (usually turtle, seafood or pork) boiled in coconut milk and served with […]

Sabu’s Bay of Pigs story

There is a local socca artist from here named Sabu. Sabu says he is 70 years old but you wouldn’t guess it by watching him perform. One time I asked Sabu if he fought in the war and he said no. I was surprised so I asked him again. “You didn’t hove to fight at […]

Chicken stuff

The other day a chicken strutted into the house, went into an empty bedroom, shit on the bed and laid a blue egg in the closet. I shooed the chicken, left the poo and ate the egg. A few days later I realized the whole silly event didn’t even faze me. Perhaps I have been […]