2011 Crab Soup Festival, Corn Island

Crab Soup Festival is one of the biggest celebrations on the Caribbean coast.

Its origins date back to the 19th century when the 99 slaves on the islands were freed by direct order from the Queen of England. Since then, the Crab Soup Festival has been an annual tradition to celebrate the islands’ history, culture and taste.

Celebrations will be held on both Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island with a rough itinerary as follows (I will update it as I get more schedule info):

Friday 26th August

Quinn’s Hill neighborhood

2:00 pm Horse Parade candidates
leaving from Quinn’s Hill Park.
6:00 pm cultural and sports activities Sally Peaches court

Saturday 27th August

4:00 am Wake up call!

7:00 am Marathon around the island leaving from South West Bay (CAF).

8:00 am Parade from South West Bay to South End.

10:00 am – 12:00 pm Presentation of candidates, parade floats

12:00-1:00 pm Lunch: Crab Soup, Soda Cake Soda Ginger Beer, Rice & Beans, Meat

1:00 – 2:00 pm: Best Crab Soup competition by neighborhood, Food Fair.

2.00-6:00 pm Cultural acts, pole wrapping
Competition: Kitty Alley, Palo Lucio, Dancing, Driving Egg,  Soda Cake eating contest, sack race, cricket

6:00 pm onwards.
Live Music.

Sunday 28th August

Long Beach

10:00 am Horse Race, Ribbon Race

Municipal stadium

6:00 pm Election and Coronation of Miss Corn Island 2011, Estadio Municipal.

Monday 29th August

Crossover Little Corn Island

10:00am Moving Forward, Various Artist Activities

This year the official opening of the Culture House will be one of the highlights of the festival. The museum of culture has been under construction for years and the community is very excited to be able to share their history.

Getting to Corn Island

Check out the map to find out how to reach: http://rightsideguide.com/2118/how-to-get-from-managua-to-the-corn-islands



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