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Who’s hungry for armadillo?

A little salt and a little pepper can make even the blandest armadillo taste like a filet mignon. Well, perhaps that was a bit of an exaggeration. But armadillo isn’t bad…I had it stewed in Orinoco once. It was kinda stringy, but well flavored. Sort of like a mix between possum and mole.   Armadillo […]

blueEnergy Puts Development on the Caribbean Coastal Map

Nicaragua’s safety record, low cost of operations and low socioeconomic ranking (second-poorest country in the western hemisphere) make it a virtual playground for non-profit organizations of all kinds. There are plenty of people in need of help, and therefore most NGOs center themselves around areas easily accessible. Organizations reaching out to communities that require the […]

Dashing taxi dash

Hey man! Is that a monkey swingin from your mirror? And…is that a dolphin beached on your dashboard? Hey, I think I see a squirrel climbing out of your air conditioner vent! Aaaand…a gold Jesus on a cross overseeing the ark that carries all of your animals. God bless you, Noah.  

Bluefields School of Music

  Following in the footsteps of Bluefield’s rich musical history, Bluefields Sound System have released their latest compilation of music after three yeas in the making. This album has been three years in the making and features classic Bluefields artists such as Mango Ghost and Sabu, as well a younger generation of local artists such […]

Tsunami warning!

Friday morning I woke up to find the sad news of the earthquake in Japan and the tsunami that followed. My phone rang about half a hour later. It was my housemate’s girlfriend, asking me to wake him up to warn him about the tsunami warning for Nicaragua. “Um, you know that is from an […]


    All it takes is a little corn meal, a little milk, a little sugar and a little love to make this tasty beverage. Our friend below takes his cart all over Bluefields selling bags of ice cold atol…a refreshing break on a hot day! Other countries serve it hot and milky; cooled off […]

Monkey Point criticizes river dredging

From the Nica Times comes an interesting story about local community leader, Allen Clair Duncan, and his push to protest the proposed deep-water port in Monkey Point, the military presence in the autonomous area and dredging of the San Juan river that borders Costa Rica. Sandinista authorities have told local community leaders that the river […]

Contra rebel talks war stories

Plane was trowin bombs on us and all dem tings, dem was lookin us but cahn’t fine we…right der deh sandinista dem did lay waitin on us. Right der we lose about six men…but we cahn’t do dem noting because if you do dem anyting dem say dem was to kill out the people dem […]