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Excerpt from Tooth Man

An excerpt from Tooth Man: Stories from Nicaragua’s Mosquito Coast… [The Prussians] had been longing for colonial glory and established a settlement called Carlsruhe near Bluefields in the middle of the Nineteenth Century. They stayed a few years but the project “proved abortive, chiefly on account of the universally prevailing belief, that the climate is unhealthy […]

Judas Night in Bluefields!

The old folks don’t know where the tradition came from, but they remember how they used to do it. The night before Easter is called Judas Night. It is “celebrated” by the younger generation running around town in the middle of the night grabbing anything that isn’t bolted down and putting it under an effigy […]

Taxi dash viva Barcelona!

I stepped into his cab wondering if anybody could love Barcelona football club more than this guy and stepped back out thinking, um… nope. Barcelona and Royal Pine Car Freshner and stick-on objects-in-mirror-are-larger-than-they-appear mirrors and… and tweety bird! How messi.  

Yaaa me voooy, cangrejo!

Guess who is coming to perform in Tasbapauni this weekend?? Florian M! He is world famous in Bilwi as one of the primier Miskito musical artists. Check out his latest hit: Cangrejo (at least watch it until you see the Mr. Redsleeves doing the hammer dance)!    

English creole language test

Okay boys and girls, today we are going to have a test! Not the pass or fail kind, and you don’t need your #2 pencils. This is a language test to see how well you can read. Nicaraguan Creole English is a real language that, as you can see from the graphic below, has its […]