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Blessed Taxi Dash

  There is so much going on in this weird river-rock catholic-themed jungle dash that I don’t know where to start. What’s funny is that I took two separate photos on different days not realizing I was in the same taxi. At some point Simba showed up… King of the jungle and King of kings […]

How to pack like a travel ninja.

Sometimes I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. I constantly meet travelers, first timers and veterans, who look like they stepped out of the STA Travel Catalog. I see them wandering around, giant flashy pack on their back, guidebook in hand, looking for a hostel. I know exactly where they are coming from […]

Cangrejo Man on tour!

Last night I got the exciting news that the hottest rising stars in the Miskitu music scene, the Cangrejo Man Band, is doing a first-ever Caribbean coast tour. First ever not just for the Cangrejo Man Band, but this route by sea down the Caribbean coast is a first for any band! They will be […]


Today, tomorrow  and the next day the Africala film festival is showing 33 African short films at the Alcaldia in Bluefields. Yesterday I sat in the back, watched about eight or nine films ranging from good to really interesting and capped it off with a performance from the one and only Sabu. Films start at […]

Grupo Zinica – Original Maypole Music!

Translated from — In the early 1980s Grupo Zinica was organized, composed of older musicians who played solo. They played May Pole with the traditional rhythm, adding  special banjo accompaniment. It consisted of: Walter Lackwood, Victor Perry, Claudio and Landim Omier, HuberthPerry and Edwin Campbell. They managed to record an LP, and their performances were so contagious and enjoyable that, in Leo Gordon’s home in the neighborhood  Old Bank was where the writer Julio Cortazar, during a trip done in 1980, with his wife Carol, the […]

Casting for dinner

These kids are no older than 12 or 13, but can cast their nets like the pros twenty years their senior. This is typical daily life in villages like Kahkabila, where the people eat what the jungle and the sea provides. I once spoke with the village leader, a middle-aged Miskito indian the locals call […]

Rasta Last Supper

Artist’s rendition of an artist’s rendition of an artist’s rendition of the last supper. Painted by Percy, local rasta, who most probably took the idea from some other painter (google rasta last supper) who probably took it from Leonardo DiVinci. I found this one painted over an arch in the living room of a local […]