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A ha may Motor!

  Saw the motor and its owner in Monkey Point, the capital of DIY fixes. Both sides of your motor need painting but you only have one stencil? Easy! Just flip over the stencil and paint it on backwards! And in case you are wondering if this photo has been flipped, take a look at […]

The Three Palms

They are an iconic part of Bluefield’s cityscape. The three palm trees that stand guarding over downtown are estimated to be over 100 years old. Nobody knows who they belong to…they stand in a vacant lot that lies unclaimed. Before hurricane Joan in 1988 there were five. These three survivors, sentinels of a bygone era, […]

Mondongo Stew!

Like beef? Nothing fills an empty stomach like… a cow’s stomach! Mondongo is just that. And mondongo stew is one of the best creole delicacies on the coast. While you can find mondongo on the Pacific side of Nicaragua, they sure don’t cook it like this. Ingredients: 1 cow stomach (aka mondongo) 2 liters coconut […]

The Greasy Pole

(Editor’s note: This post was originally an email to someone that had a very strict spam filter. I thought, instead of removing the references to work-at-home programs and erectile dysfunction pills and resending to one person, perhaps I should share with everyone. Without the spam references, of course.) Just two weeks ago was the big […]

My favorite comment spam

Spam comes in many forms, including blog comments. Luckily I have a bombproof comment spam blocker for my blog, but occasionally I like to go through and read what I am missing. Here are a few that I just browsed through the other day… 5 Oct, from Today, I went to the beachfront with my children. […]