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Dog food

It isn’t often that I post photos of things like…dog food. Nothing gets tossed out…not even chicken heads and feet. On the contrary, what could taste better to a dog than fresh beak n talons on a bed of rice? Actually, I am making a huuuge assumption here… Nobody told me this dish was for […]

It’s a Sandinista party!

Whoo hoo!! Sandinista’s win! Well, some Sandinista’s wouldn’t agree, but he Orteguistas would. His Sandinista party is far left, while the majority of the party members are more center-left. Unfortunately for them, opposing Sandinista parties (though not opposing parties) have been made illegal by Ortega. But, far left is more left than right, so it […]

Let’s elect a president!

It should be a new one, but instead, it’s the same old names. There’s Aleman, a previous president who was convicted of money laundering,¬†embezzlement¬†and corruption, and the incumbent who is expected to win, Ortega. Ortega is one of the original¬†Sandinistas, and before his term limits were up, he had the supreme court (sandinista appointed supreme […]