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Pirates of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua

The Caribbean coast wasn’t always the wild, wild east clean, orderly paradise you see today. It wasn’t so long ago that these waterways were used as pirate hideouts. The entire country drains to the Caribbean side. That means wide, deep rivers and lots of them. Add to that lagoons, bays and islands and you have a […]

Fresco of the year: Carao aka Stinking Toe!

The spanish name is carao. Google it and see what comes up…”natural cure for anemia?”, “central american miracle fruit” and “blood builder”. Ask locals and they say that doctors prescribe it for patients with anemia and constipation. In Creole English they call it stinkin toe and as soon as you crack it open you smell […]

Tulululu 2012…What was THAT?!

In Bluefields, Nicaragua, the month of May is a celebration of the beginning of the rainy season, ruled by Mayayaya, a fertility goddess that the population worships by throwing parties in the street on random days, parading down the street dressed in carnival-style outfits and marching en masse on the last day of the month […]