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Lucky Dube on the Caribbean Coast

Who do you think is the top played reggae artist on the Caribbean coast? Nope, not Bob Marley. Not by a mile. “Reggae in the bathroom, reggae in the bedroom, reggae everywhere… reggae in jail, reggae in church, everybody likes it!”   One of Lucky Dube’s last international concerts was right here in Bluefields. Lucky […]

Wild Cane Cay: Then and Now (Updated!)

The original post ran 8 April, 2012. Before that time I had made two unsuccessful attempts at contacting the owner. The following is the original post; the update is below, and relates what the owner had to say after he contacted me.  There is a collection of about 18 beautiful islands off the Caribbean coast […]

stephgoescycling Help Build a Community Learning Center on Little Corn Island

An article by Adam Clarke from the Nicaragua Dispatch: LITTLE CORN ISLAND—Canadians coming to Nicaragua is actually pretty common, especially in the colder winter months when the lure of a Central American/Caribbean vacation is only a few mouse clicks away on your favorite travel site. The voyage usually consists of a connecting flight in the […]

Music That’s Hot on the Dancehall

The only light in that club was the flash of the camera.   Grab ya gyal and hit the dancehall all you crazy reggae lovin people. This is the soundtrack of your Saturday night. This is an oldie but has just started to get some serious play here on the coast. It fills up the […]