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First, click on the video below and jam out to Los Gregory’s Rundown Pot.

This little tidbit is reprinted from the RightSide Guide magazine. Check out the audio clip below of Jimmy’s interview for more info on what he knows about the history of the Caribbean coast’s favorite dish!

I sat with restaurant owner and chef of Nicaragua’s biggest Rundown, Mr. Jimmy Carter, and asked him a few questions about this fabled coast dish. According to Mr. Jimmy, the British found the local indigenous population preparing big soups with root vegetables, fish and coconut milk. They called it “bauil op” and it was brought to Jamaica where the new name was given and exported back to the coast of Nicaragua. Today the Jamaican version is cooked a bit dry and eaten “almost like a salad,” says Mr. Jimmy. The Nicaraguan version is still very much a soup dish, usually served with rice and beans cooked with coconut milk as well.

There are as many recipes as there are communities on the coast, but the main ingredient is coconut milk, breadkind vegetables and  spices. Some throw in seafood, wari (jungle pig), turtle or beef. I asked Mr. Jimmy who has the best Rundown on the coast and he swears it’s him. He might be right.

You can find Mr. Jimmy’s rundown every weekend at the Caribbean Paradise restaurant in Bluefields. Give your order some time to prepare; perfection takes time.

Rundown interview jimmy carter

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