Atlantic Coast Baseball Series in Pearl Lagoon 2013

This just in: The 2013 Atlantic Coast Baseball Series will be hosted in Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua from March 8 (opening ceremony) to March 22!

Actually, that’s old news…they have been remodeling the stadium in Pearl Lagoon for ages in preparation. There will also be games held in Haulover and Kukra Hill. But the dates are set, the logo has been announced and the field is nearly ready!

atlantic series logo 2013In case you aren’t sure what the Atlantic Coast Series is, it’s the championship baseball series held every two years between all the municipal teams (that are worth competing) in the RAAN and RAAS. The dominating teams are usually Bluefields, Corn Island and Puerto Cabezas, but last time Pearl Lagoon carried the victory torch and will now be hosting this year’s series. If you like the Caribbean coast, don’t miss it! If you like baseball, don’t miss it! If you like wild and rowdy sports matches, don’t miss it!


Games not to miss:

Pearl Lagoon vs. Corn Island, Sat. 16 in Pearl Lagoon – Corn Island was trying to make it 3 championships in a row when they were upset by Pearl Lagoon in the last Atlantic Series. This should be a great game!

Pearl Lagoon vs. Kukra Hill, Sun. 17 in Pearl Lagoon – Kukra Hill is the next town 14 miles south. Both teams have drafted friends and neighbors from neighboring communities to their teams and the rivalry runs deep. This game could get ugly!

Bluefields vs. Puerto Cabezas, Wed. 20 in Pearl Lagoon – They are two biggest cities on the coast, the capitals of the RAAS and  the RAAN, and both will do anything for the cup. I won’t be missing this one!

Bluefields vs. Corn Island, Thurs. 21 in Pearl Lagoon – When we talk about rivalries, there is none bigger than these two giants. Both teams are closely watched by Major League scouts from the states, just ask Corn Island native Cheslor Cuthbert who was drafted by the Kansas City Royals. Competition between these two baseball giants is no joke and both will bringing everything they have got to the field on Thursday.

Pearl Lagoon vs. Bluefields, Thurs. 21 in Pearl Lagoon – Another big rivalry set to take place the same day as Bluefields vs. Corn Island. If you can only go see one day of baseball, make it Thursday for this double-header!

A few things to note: don’t expect to walk up and find accommodations during the games. First of all there will be players, coaches, friends and family from 15 teams inundating the communities between Kukra Hill and Pearl Lagoon. Then there are the spectators coming from the RAAN, up from Bluefields, down from Rio Grande and over from the islands. If you want to go and guarantee a place to stay, make reservations now!

Also, the parties are going to be coast style.  That means bumpin reggae, soul and miskito music, delicious coast food and the party stops when the baseball starts.

For more information, check out this blog that has more info on who’s who and a link to the official schedule.

Imagine this times 10:

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