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AT LOGO1The RightSide Guide has teamed up with Atlantic Tour to introduce travelers to places that make the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua so exciting and diverse. Atlantic Tour is the only travel company owned and operated locally in Bluefields. The advantage is that Atlantic Tour’s local guides highlight the costeña culture and nature, maximizing your experience on the coast. And your dollars stay right here in the communities, helping the local economy. Atlantic Tour’s guides were born and raised right here on the coast, speak excellent English and Spanish and many have family in the communities they guide to. Atlantic Tour offers trip packages, travel services and custom tours to fit any budget or group. 

The Caribbean coast is a diverse travel destination with something for everyone!

From the diving in the Corn Islands to the fun town of Pearl Lagoon to the turtle nesting grounds of the Pearl Cays to the cradle of the Garifuna in Orinoco to the jungle of the Kahka Creek Reserve to the capital of the region in Bluefields to the home of the Rama people in Rama Cay, the Caribbean coast is a diverse travel destination with something for everyone!

This isn’t Granada, Leon or San Juan del Sur. Explore the Caribbean coast with Atlantic Tour and we will show you a Nicaragua to Discover!

These packages are generally designed for groups of two to three or more staying overnight, but we can easily quote shorter trips and/or with less people.

Custom tours are available for destinations between Rama Cay to Corn Island to Wawashan Reserve and everywhere in between.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Atlantic Tour can also help with booking the following:

  • Tour packages for all Nicaraguan destinations
  • International airline tickets for all flights to and from Nicaragua
  • International bus tickets to all destinations in Central America
  • International cruises
  • Hotel reservations for all destinations in Nicaragua
  • Reservations for boat and land transport


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