Trip Packages

These packages are generally designed for groups of two to three or more staying overnight, but we can easily quote shorter trips and/or with less people. Custom tours are available for destinations between Rama Cay to Corn Island to Wawashan Reserve and everywhere in between. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Bluefields Explorer

One of the most popular tours, we visit the secluded ecofarm, Green Hills, peacefully located just outside of Bluefields. From there we return to Bluefields for a walking tour of the colorful city. Capping the tour is a visit to the village of El Bluff, the barrier island whose beach kisses the Caribbean…more information

Pearl Cays Escape

From jungle rivers to pirate havens to sugar-sand beaches, we travel from Bluefields up the maze of narrow waterways north to Pearl Lagoon, then out to the secluded paradise of the Pearl Cays…more information

Corn Island Exhibition

No trip to the Caribbean coast is complete without a visit to the postcard-perfect Corn Islands. Imagine yourself in a hammock between two palm trees listening to the blue Caribbean sea lap against the beach. Diving, snorkeling, reggae and lobster and coconut every night, it doesn’t get any better than this…more information

Sport Fishing Excursion

From freshwater monsters to denizens of the sea, Bluefields offers the best of fishing in both worlds! Explore the waters around islands off the coast or make your way through jungle rivers where wildlife swings from the trees…more information

Rama Cay Experience

Visit the one of the last indigenous communities in Nicaragua living much as they have been for thousands of years. The Rama Cay Experience takes you on a cultural journey unlike any other with our friends, the native Rama people…more information

Garifuna Experience

The village of Orinoco offers us the chance to interact with the Garifuna people, a group of afro-decedents that migrated from Honduras in the 1800s and retain much of their culture. Named a part of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, the Garifuna are a must visit for anyone interested in the Caribbean cultures of the region…more information

Jungle Explorer

Take a ride through the wildlife-filled tributary of Black Water Creek, just outside of Bluefields. Monkeys, sloths, birds, and great fishing await the intrepid explorers who visit. Bluefields tour and Green Hills visit included…more information


Custom Tours

Beyond travel packages, Atlantic Tour offers you the opportunity to see the region your own way with custom tours! We can customize any of the trip packages to fit individuals, groups and varying time schedules. We travel between Rama Cay in the south, Corn Islands in the east, Wawashan Reserve in the north and El Rama in the west. We can customize fishing trips, cultural tours, jungle explorations, and anything in between. Contact us for more information!


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