Bluefields Exploration Tour

Our tour begins with a visit to the Green Hills ecofarm located 15 minutes south of Bluefields by boat. Green Hills is a cozy retreat nestled on the edge of the Cerro Silva forest reserve. It is an excellent location to relax among the fruits trees and hardwoods or lounge in a cabana while enjoying the view of Bluefields Bay. If feeling adventurous, you can paddle the canoe up the creek to get a better look at some of the bird species that call Green Hills home or even catch a glimpse of the resident sloth or monkeys that pass through!

After enjoying the rural life in Green Hills, we will continue with a colorful tour of Bluefields. We will guide you through some of the oldest neighborhoods and visit the museum of the coast. We will take you past the 160+ year old Moravian church, the Catholic church, admire the colonial houses on Kings Street and, of course, visit the central park. And no Bluefields tour would be complete without lunch in a typical Costeña restaurant!

 In the afternoon we will take the 10-minute boat ride to El Bluff, where you can hike up to the lighthouse for a 360° view looking over El Bluff, Bluefields and other nearby communities. Afterwards, we will take a stroll down to the shore where you can swim, sunbathe and explore the 10 miles of El Bluff beach before heading back to Bluefields for the evening.


  • 2 nights in Bluefields.
  • 2 Breakfasts.
  • Tour guide.
  • Bluefields city tour.
  • Visit of the ecofarm Green Hills.
  • Visit of El Bluff.
  • Transport between Bluefields and Green Hills and El Bluff.
  • Transport to and from the airport.

Custom tours of any one part or combination are available. Just ask in advance!

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  1. Miss Carol14 September, 2011 at 8:04 pm #

    Cesar and all: Your video of Green Hills is just great. Love your website, too. As the former owner manager of Hotel Tia Irene and having pulled a few levers at the Oasis, looking for a run of luck, I am hoping the folks at those two great places will get themselves into your website. I guarantee the 2012 season on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua will be the best yet! At least I will be back then, permanently, to work with everyone to help make it happen.

    Bluefields has recovered, long time, from the 1988 hurricane. We are a wonderfully interesting, friendly and fun group of people…six different ethnic groups with unique differences that unite and delight rather than divide us!

    See you soon!

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