Coconut Fair, Only in Bluefields!

Come celebrate the autonomy of the RAAS Bluefields style at the Coconut Fair on the 28th of October!

The Coconut Fair will be a fun party in the park where you can try just about any food you can think made from coconut. There will also be local artists displaying coconut sculptures and jewelry for sale.

This will be a fun festival and will include concerts and dance competitions and more! So come down to Bluefields and get a taste of what autonomy is about and what makes this region so unique!

Coconut Fair package


  • Transport from airport to hotel
  • 1 night Hotel Gran Anabas
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Bluefields tour
  • Guide to the food fair

2-3 people $129/person

4+ people $110/person



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