Crab Soup Festival

The Crab Soup Festival is the annual celebration of the Corn Islands’ freedom from slavery is the biggest event of the year on the Corn Islands. Atlantic Tour is offering a special package for travelers who don’t want to miss this event!

Culture House statue

Crab Soup parade








  • 2 nights accommodation in Big Corn Island
  • Breakfast
  • Tour Guide
  • Transportation from the airport or wharf
  • Golf cart tour
  • Attend the main activities on 27 August.
  • Visit Little Corn Island


27th August

We will meet you at the dock and bring you to the hotel where you can check in and drop off your luggage. Then we will head out to meet the parade (make sure to bring your camera!) and watch the floats and dance groups go by on their way to the park in Sally Peachy.


Once there you will have the opportunity to watch the dance groups and singers perform on stage, see the kids scramble up the greasy pole, try various costeña dishes and of course, the famous crab soup! In the afternoon we will visit Corn Islands’ home of history, the Culture House where you can find out about the island from the days its indigenous inhabitants to its time as a pirate haven to modern day.

We will then return to the hotel where you can watch the sunset from the beach, catch a quick snorkel session before dark or rest before dinner and going out.

Painted rock on the beach

28 August
Grab your swimsuit and snorkel gear! After breakfast we will meet the ferry to cross to Little Corn Island. There you will find some amazing beaches, groves of sugar mango trees and  some of the most friendly people on the coast. Have lunch, relax and head back to the big island in the afternoon to take part in the last day of activities for the Crab Soup Festival.

Lonely beach in Little Corn

Catch of the day









29 August
Have breakfast and one last swim before saying goodbye to the Corn Islands. But be careful, it is said that whoever swims in the Corn Island sea is destined to return!

Sailboat vising Picnic Center Beach, Corn Island

Custom tours of any one part or combination are available. Just ask in advance!


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