Day Trips

It would take years to explore all the nooks and crannies along the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. Here are a few of the more exciting destinations that we offer day trips to.

Black Water Creek and El Bluff Beach

Just hearing the name Caño Negro, or Black Water Creek in creole English, conjures up images of a lost jungle river with wildlife swinging from the canopy. The creek is in fact just that, a wild branch of the river not far from Bluefields that offers one of the best opportunities to see animals in their natural habitat. Sloths, monkeys, crocodiles and the ever-elusive leopards have all been seen while touring the creek.

Black Water Creek

In the afternoon you can cool off in the Caribbean sea and lay out on the beach in the community of El Bluff.

This trip is also available as an overnight trip.

  • Exploration of Black Water Creek (Morning trip)
  • Visit to El Bluff (afternoon)
  • Guide
  • Transport
2 – 3 people $55/person
4 – 5 people $45/person
6 or more $35/person

Green Hills Ecofarm

Only a few minutes from Bluefields will seem like a world away when you visit Green Hills Ecofarm. Green Hills is a cozy retreat nestled on the edge of the Cerro Silva forest reserve. It is an excellent location to relax among the fruits trees and hardwoods or lounge in a cabana while enjoying the view of Bluefields Bay. If feeling adventurous, you can paddle the canoe around to get a better look at some of the bird species that call Green Hills home.

  • Transport from Bluefields to Green Hills.
  • Guided Tour of the trails
  • Guided exploration of the creek
  • Lunch
2 people $33/person
3 or more $28/person

Bluefields City Tour

Get deeper into this colorful coastal town. Let a guide take you to the places most travelers miss and learn about the capital of the RAAS. The tour will take you through the wharf, down the commercial center, to the CIDCA museum, through some of the barrios and to the park. Learn about Bluefields before the devastating hurricane of 1988, the British influence and the pirate for which the town is named. This tour will give you a whole new perspective on the coast!



2 people $14/person
3 – 5 people $12/person
6 or more $10/person

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