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Budgeting for Your Nicaraguan Getaway

Nicaragua is the largest Central American nation that has remained true to its historical prominence. The colonial towns, remnants of the revolution, Caribbean hideaways, jungles, and white sandy beaches are just some of the few things that the country has to offer. A paradise waiting to be explored, Nicaragua is a destination that’s waiting for […]

New dive center in Big Corn Island

Dive big corn island

We are always happy to welcome new tourism-related business to the Caribbean coast and would like to introduce you to the brand new Corn Island Dive Center. The new Big Corn dive shop is operated by Kyko, Candace and Adriene who are more than happy to have visitors stop by and say hello. The following […]

Best of the RSG!

Yes, two books in one month, can you believe it? This one is the best of the RightSide Guide plus a few stories I always wanted to include but never had the balls. Only $2.99 on More info about the book. Check out the preface: Preface How I got Here It was a sudden realization. […]

Help document Nicaragua’s Grand Canal route before digging starts

nicaragua canal

If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s the Grand Canal of Nicaragua. The largest engineering project in history, it will be 3x larger than the Panama Canal and construction is slated to start in December. It will plow through 7 natural reserves/parks and slice in half the land of the indigenous Rama people, but […]

A bitter-sweet symphony in Pearl Lagoon

This is a guest post by Sarah Sax who writes about her adventures while working in Nicaragua. Check out her blog if you get a chance: The boat sputters and heaves against the waves. I see the front lift up and then smack down on the surface of the ocean sending a wave of bathtub-warm wáter to […]

Cool Island Videos!

Oh, haven’t been to the Corn Islands yet? Well check out these two videos to get a better idea of what’s in store when you finally get there! Big Corn Island   Little Corn Island Little Corn Island from Eli-Jah Gezel on Vimeo.

Maypole 2014 Schedule

If you have to pick one day to go, it should be either for the carnival on Saturday, 24th of May or the Tulululu on Saturday night, 31st of May. Here is a copy of the schedule in Spanish to find out what else is going on and when. Basically the important things are that […]

The Great Interoceanic Nicaragua Canal

nica map canal

Hey, did you hear they want to build a canal through Nicaragua? Yeah, I just overheard someone talking about that…about 300 years ago. Yes, people have been talking about digging a trench across the country for that long. Usually it wasn’t Nicaraguans talking about it, though. The government of New Spain discussed it in the […]