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Coconuts: The island’s deadliest fruit?

assassin coconut

From the desk of Noticias de Bluefields – A young tourist named Noel, age 23, who was vacationing on Little Corn Island lost his life yesterday (15 January), accidentally, when he tied his hammock between coconut trees and one fell on top of him. Last night the municipal authorities and islanders held a vigil at the […]

Sustainable tourism

This is sustainable tourism chart

It’s a term that is getting thrown around more and more lately. Buuuut what exactly does that mean? Here is a chart to help confuse you: If that didn’t do the trick, try this one: So what exactly is sustainable tourism? I think the truth lies somewhere in between the two: Often it is summed […]

1 of 10 hidden islands

This just in from Yahoo! travel: Unspoiled and isolated, hidden islands are vacation bait for anyone with escapist tendencies. Protected from crowds and the stress of modern life, these retreats will allow you to become one with nature, soak up local culture, and live in paradise. So go ahead and become a castaway for a […]


Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time in 28 years the Caribbean Coast baseball team has won the Nicaraguan National Championship! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Nicaraguan baseball, it’s like saying the Boston Redsox won the World Series. Miracles do happen! It was a real clencher right from the start. The Managua […]