Baseball on the coast

Baseball season is here!

And the crowd goes wild! Nicaraguans are crazy for baseball, and the Caribbean coast is where it all started. I recently went to see the Coast team play Chontales…akin to the Cubs playing the Marlins…not a huge rivalry but a good game nonetheless. The entrance fee was C$50 and filled up fast. It was a clencher with the coast team behind by one point, bases loaded at the bottom of the ninth with 2 strikes and 2 outs…and the Coast team’s power hitter up to bat.

Here is what happened:

…in the fourth inning. In the seventh inning, Chontales passed the Coast team and in the ninth, when the coast team was in the position to make the most amazing comeback of every heartwrenching baseball movie ever, after 12 foul balls, after wishes and prayers and shaking of juju beads…   they struck out.

But the fire is burning hot! Coast won that series and are now plowing through their rivals, heading to the top! See you at the championships!


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