Big Corn Island fishing with a local

This is an excerpt from a great little travel blog by some great travel bloggers I recently met on the island.

“Hurry up boy, dem fish be gone soon!” Elton playfully shouts as we hurriedly load up his tiny two-man fiberglass canoe. Today there’s three of us, and with all the gear, it’ll be a miracle if we make it back without capsizing.

We’re going out to fish for lunch, local Caribbean style. Our destination; the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Big Corn Island, Nicaragua. No fancy motored boat, no high tech fishing gear or GPS radar. Just a couple of hand lines tied onto plastic bottles, metal scraps for sinkers, a bag of frozen sardines and a whole lot of local know-how from our friend Elton.

Elton was our next-door neighbour during our week long stay on Big Corn Island. His family has owned their beach front property for generations, back when the land was cheap and the opportunistic greed for development was low. It’s what makes his spot great. A spacious beach front property, empty of town houses or apartment buildings, on the backside of the island, looking out to a distant horizon of clear Caribbean waters.

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