What Others Say About Big Corn Island

Thinking of heading to the island with kids in tow? Here is how one adventurous couple did it from plane to beach.

…These were typical experiences.  The people were marvelous.  They loved us.  They showed the greatest affection for our son.  He laughed with local children who showed the greatest interest in him.  And he was equally interested in them. I’ll never forget the experience of giving so many of the local kids rides on our golf cart with my son sitting there taking it all in. While as parents we’re often hesitant to travel as a family because of the toll we think it takes on our kids, the fact is, our kids settle in to the new environments very quickly.  It’s really us parents who need to get over our hesitancies. Read more…


The following is an excerpt from a photo essay on Big Corn Island:

Big Corn Island vs. Little Corn Island?

The Corn Islands retain all the charm associated with the Caribbean: Turquoise waters, deserted white-sand beaches scattered in between rocky coves and fringed with coconut palms, Garífuna cuisine, magical sunsets, coral reefs, friendly people and an unhurried, peaceful pace of life. Garífuna are a mixture of African, Carib and Arawak and have a distinctive culture, making a living from fishing, primarily lobster and shrimp.

The islands are located in an isolated corner of the Caribbean about 70-85 km off the coast of Bluefields and don’t see many visitors. Big Corn Island (Isla del Maíz) is the largest with nearly 6000 inhabitants, whereas its diminutive sister Little Corn Island (Isla Pequeña del Maíz) merely has 500 residents.

Almost every visitor to Nicaragua tend to skip the Corn Islands, hence the islands are some of the Caribbean’s unblemished gems, or hidden undeveloped island paradises, if you want…read the comparison

Another review of the big island and the little island:

Big Corn Island
Coming from the mainland, Big Corn feels tiny, but returning here from Little Corn, the island earns its name. The population is 7 times that of Little Corn, and yet Big Corn still feels sleepy. The island is still walkable at 6sq km, although here hopping in a cheap cab makes much more sense to get from A to B. You can easily cut across the airport runway whenever the two planes that fly in and out each day are gone.

Little Corn Island
Getting to Little Corn is the only real adventure; the rest is truly about relaxation. Little Corn is reached first by flying in to Big Corn from Nicaragua’s capital, Managua, making your way down to the ‘dock’ and jumping in a simple motor boat which takes you to the smaller island. The day before we traveled to Little Corn, one of the boats had capsized at sea, and although rescue boats were immediately at hand and no one was hurt. Pack your belongings water-tight and hold on, because if you are up for that little adventure, you will land on a tiny island without any motorized vehicles and a laid-back way of life…read more

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