Places to Eat in Bluefields

Bluefields offers a good variety of Nica and Costeña restaurants, as well as their take on several international styles as well.

Chez Marcel – Who knew french food comes with french fries? Bluefield’s take on international cuisine, that’s who! Featuring not just French but American, Argentinian and Swiss dishes, the food is pretty decent considering it is about as authentic as can be expected. C$100 – C$200

Lala’s – Eat, drink and dance right over the water. More bar than restaurant, the food is as good as the beer is cold. And the beer is very cold. Good place to get rundown if it happens to be on the menu that day. C$100 – C$200

Luna’s Ranch – Way out in the far end of town, this restaurant has a wide variety of local goodies on the menu. While you are waiting for your food, walk around and check out the photos of old Bluefields on the wall. The chop siu is pretty good and won’t set you back an arm and a leg.

Pelican – One of the busiest restaurants in town and for good reason. Enjoy one of the better views in Bluefields two stories above the water if you can find a seat. Offering the typical local selection of chicken, fish and beef, food generally gets high marks. C$120 – C$200

Pesca Frito – An intimate little rasta restaurant/bar with loud reggae music and good creole food. A plate of food and a drink will set you back about C$100.

Pizza Martinuzzi – The pizza is acceptable but that doesn’t matter, it’s the only real place to get a pizza fix! They also deliver: 2572-2950

Salmar – The only place to get mexican food. And it isn’t bad…though somewhat small, try the burritos. C$100 – C$130

Tia Irene – Good place to go just for the view over the water. Tucked away down some stairs, through a hall and past a courtyard, it’s the kind of nice restaurant you will likely only see locals at. Expect to pay about C$130 – C$200 per plate with drink.


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