Places to Stay in Bluefields

There are a number of hotels, hospedajes, guest houses for rent ranging from 3-star to 3 dollars. Small places open and close all the time, but these have been around for a while.

Hotel Anabas – family-run, friendly hotel located in a quiet area of Bluefields. It is within a walking distance to main streets, the market and piers. The hotel has 15 rooms of different occupancy – single, double and triple. All rooms have en-suite bathroom, A/C, TV and WiFi internet. The dinning area provides a beautiful sea view and the balcony on the other side of the hotel is a great place to relax. Mid-range $$

Oasis hotel and casino – One of the nicest and most expensive hotels. They claim to be the only 3-star place in town (which means hot water). Located about one block from the municipal wharf on the corner. High-end $$$

Lodge Casa Rosa – Tucked away in a quiet part of town far away from the hustle and bustle sits this little fishing lodge. Owned by an American expat, the lodge usually caters to guests on fishing trips but other guests are welcome when rooms are available. All rooms come with bath, tv and air conditioning, and the suite has a balcony that looks over the water. Nice place and supposedly has the best seafood in town. Mid to high-end $$$

Hotel South Atlantic – Another well-established  hotel in the city center. Clean and comfortable and slightly more upscale than most other places. Mid to high-end $$$

Hotel Caribbean Dream – A nice, comfortable place located about four blocks from the municipal wharf. This is where most of the business travelers head to. Mid-range $$

Hotel Airport – Located half a block from the airport on the bay side. Rooms are (usually) clean and have tv and private bath. Inquire at the bar on the right as you enter. Mid-range $$

Los Pepitos – Also in the city center, this hospedaje’s location is given away by a small sign that’s easily missed. Rooms are basic and clean with a private bath, TV and air conditioning. Family owned, if asked a day in advance the mother will cook meals. Budget $

Guest House Campbell – Located in barrio Fatima, this place is small and clean, though expect to hear everything that goes on in the next room. Rooms are equipped with tv and private bath. Budget $

Hostal Doña Vero Cool little place dug in close to the center of town across the street from one of the two grocery stores. Rooms are pretty clean, well presented and the staff is very friendly. Shared bathroom. Budget $

Lobster Pot – Traditionally the budget-minded backpacker’s favorite digs, it is also popular with couples looking for a quick romp. Shared bathrooms, paper-thin walls and questionable neighbors all remind you that you get what you pay for. The owners (who are usually sitting on the sidewalk in front) are very helpful. Budget $

Cuatro Vientos – Hidden well out of sight down at the municipal wharf. If you want to brave the red-light area and the vagos that hang around to save a couple of bucks, well, don’t say you weren’t warned if it ends up costing you more. Cheap ¢

Outside of town

Green Hills is a little ecofarm just a few minutes panga ride south of Bluefields. It is a relaxing place to get away from the taxis and people of the city and offers canoes for use and trails to hike. They offer a couple of small cabanas close to the water…it isn’t Corn Island, but sure beats the city hustle and bustle! Book through Atlantic Tour.


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