Cangrejo Man on tour!

Last night I got the exciting news that the hottest rising stars in the Miskitu music scene, the Cangrejo Man Band, is doing a first-ever Caribbean coast tour. First ever not just for the Cangrejo Man Band, but this route by sea down the Caribbean coast is a first for any band!

They will be leaving Bilwi by boat for their first performance in Tasbapauni on the 25th, then down to Pearl Lagoon on the 26th, then over to Big Corn Island for the Crab Soup festival on the 27th and will be capping off the tour in Little Corn on the 28th.

One interesting thing is that, despite having some of the catchiest miskitu tunes on the coast, nobody seems to know the group’s real name. I spoke to the organizer of the concerts and he said that he didn’t even know the name of the band, everybody just calls them Cangrejo Man because of the hit song.

If you are going to be in the area or heading to the Crab Soup festival, don’t miss it. Yamni Balram!

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