Caribbean Coast Architecture

Not sure why but I love the way the houses look down here. The houses and the churches. Here is a selection of a few of my favorites from around the coast, including Tasbapauni.

Scroll over the photo to see where it is.


Backside of the church.


Rooms in this house for $10 a night. Best deal on the coast!


Family of 4 living in a one-room shack


He has 9 children and they all grew up in this house.


Vacation rental. Well hidden, secure and great view of the sunset. And purple!


Made from reused material on a tropical Caribbean island. Someone’s dream house.


Lonely church on the water



Open for business on Saturdays


Open for business every day


Half of this shack is kitchen.


Half of this shack isn’t finished.


Can’t get coke here.


On the rock


Strung up my hammock here a year ago.


Holiday home in the bush on the beach


Indigenous houses


Moravian church


Cows get thirsty too


Barrio at sunset. Ulwa community


The turtles stored under the house will live about 6 days. That’s how the meat doesn’t spoil.


Mansion on the beach


Sunset in Karawala


Turtle market in Sandy Bay



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