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Help document Nicaragua’s Grand Canal route before digging starts

nicaragua canal

If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s the Grand Canal of Nicaragua. The largest engineering project in history, it will be 3x larger than the Panama Canal and construction is slated to start in December. It will plow through 7 natural reserves/parks and slice in half the land of the indigenous Rama people, but […]

Maypole 2014 Schedule

If you have to pick one day to go, it should be either for the carnival on Saturday, 24th of May or the Tulululu on Saturday night, 31st of May. Here is a copy of the schedule in Spanish to find out what else is going on and when. Basically the important things are that […]

RightSide Guide print edition out now!

The fourth edition of the RightSide Guide print edition is here! 3,000 copies were distributed all around the country. Here is where to find them: Little Corn Island Derek’s Place Little Corn Beach & Bungalow Graces Cool Spot Desideri’s Tranquilo Cafe Three Brothers Dive Little Corn Casa Iguana Big Corn Island Tree House/Crows Nest Sea […]

Official Maypole schedule for 2013

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the official Maypole festival plan 2013 This has been translated interpreted from the original version in spanish (by yours truly). Objective: Promote the Maypole culture from the Caribbean towns and to contribute to greater tourism Date              Time             […]

Maypole festival

Maypole schedule right here!   If you were ever going to come visit the area, May is the month to do it! May is when the biggest celebrations happen and the rain is still a month away. The May pole festival is one of the most over-the-top parties in the country and is still “undiscovered” […]