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Maypole festival

Maypole schedule right here!   If you were ever going to come visit the area, May is the month to do it! May is when the biggest celebrations happen and the rain is still a month away. The May pole festival is one of the most over-the-top parties in the country and is still “undiscovered” […]

RightSide Guide Magazine is Here!

Introducing the first issue of the survival guide to the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, the RightSide Guide magazine! It’s 32 pages packed with information on activities, transport schedules, upcoming festivals and more for the Corn Islands, Bluefields, Pearl Lagoon and Greytown. This edition will be 1,000 copies and, starting in 2013, will be printed every […]

Portrait of Rama Cay

Rama Cay is a tiny, tiny island located just a few miles south of Bluefields. It is home to a population of 900 – 1,000 Rama Cay indians, the most densely populated concentration of indigenous people on the coast. Life in Rama Cay is simple: fishing in the bay, farming on the mainland and raising children in […]

May Pole Festival next week!

The Carnival of drummers and dancers marching through the streets of Bluefields: Saturday, 26th of May! Tulululu parading from Old Bank to Cotton Tree: Thursday, 31st of May! Fly, bus, panga, walk or run to the Caribbean coast to see the biggest party of the year! Need help getting here or finding a place to […]

Baseball on the coast

Baseball season is here! And the crowd goes wild! Nicaraguans are crazy for baseball, and the Caribbean coast is where it all started. I recently went to see the Coast team play Chontales…akin to the Cubs playing the Marlins…not a huge rivalry but a good game nonetheless. The entrance fee was C$50 and filled up […]

Happy Bday, Chris!

This is why I love the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua… Chris recently had his birthday and he was given a birthday cake (mis)spelled to order: Tona cake: winner. I can forgive the cake speller if she/he  thought the “C” appeared handwritten on their Write out what the cake should say form as a funky-looking “T”. But […]