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Another “first ever” moment

I was chatting with my friend Eric the other day and this is what he said:  Eric:  I just had another 1st thing ever moment  me:  first  what?  Eric:  one of the hens ran into my room  me:  oh no  Eric:  and so I grabbed her  me:  she egged you?  Eric:  and when I was passing by the mirror to throw her […]

Happy Bday, Chris!

This is why I love the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua… Chris recently had his birthday and he was given a birthday cake (mis)spelled to order: Tona cake: winner. I can forgive the cake speller if she/he  thought the “C” appeared handwritten on their Write out what the cake should say form as a funky-looking “T”. But […]

It’s a genuine fake!

It was a helluva deal. A Lacoste shirt for $10…that’s like 90% off! And with Lacoste quality and craftsmanship that one would expect from clothes bearing the iconic alligator logo. The $100 Lacoste shirt:   Of course, when I took a closer look I could see that this was obviously not one of their top-line models. […]

A ha may Motor!

  Saw the motor and its owner in Monkey Point, the capital of DIY fixes. Both sides of your motor need painting but you only have one stencil? Easy! Just flip over the stencil and paint it on backwards! And in case you are wondering if this photo has been flipped, take a look at […]

The Greasy Pole

(Editor’s note: This post was originally an email to someone that had a very strict spam filter. I thought, instead of removing the references to work-at-home programs and erectile dysfunction pills and resending to one person, perhaps I should share with everyone. Without the spam references, of course.) Just two weeks ago was the big […]

My favorite comment spam

Spam comes in many forms, including blog comments. Luckily I have a bombproof comment spam blocker for my blog, but occasionally I like to go through and read what I am missing. Here are a few that I just browsed through the other day… 5 Oct, from Today, I went to the beachfront with my children. […]

Blessed Taxi Dash

  There is so much going on in this weird river-rock catholic-themed jungle dash that I don’t know where to start. What’s funny is that I took two separate photos on different days not realizing I was in the same taxi. At some point Simba showed up… King of the jungle and King of kings […]