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Best of the RSG!

Yes, two books in one month, can you believe it? This one is the best of the RightSide Guide plus a few stories I always wanted to include but never had the balls. Only $2.99 on More info about the book. Check out the preface: Preface How I got Here It was a sudden realization. […]

Help document Nicaragua’s Grand Canal route before digging starts

nicaragua canal

If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s the Grand Canal of Nicaragua. The largest engineering project in history, it will be 3x larger than the Panama Canal and construction is slated to start in December. It will plow through 7 natural reserves/parks and slice in half the land of the indigenous Rama people, but […]

A bitter-sweet symphony in Pearl Lagoon

This is a guest post by Sarah Sax who writes about her adventures while working in Nicaragua. Check out her blog if you get a chance: The boat sputters and heaves against the waves. I see the front lift up and then smack down on the surface of the ocean sending a wave of bathtub-warm wáter to […]

Cool Island Videos!

Oh, haven’t been to the Corn Islands yet? Well check out these two videos to get a better idea of what’s in store when you finally get there! Big Corn Island   Little Corn Island Little Corn Island from Eli-Jah Gezel on Vimeo.

Thinking of buying your own island?

The Pearl Cays are a beautifully fragile set of sandbars and coral reefs with a few palm trees dotting the tops, all located just off the coast of Pearl Lagoon. A few years ago locals were surprised to learn that this communal fishing area had been suddenly sold to international investors who started building houses […]

stephgoescycling Help Build a Community Learning Center on Little Corn Island

An article by Adam Clarke from the Nicaragua Dispatch: LITTLE CORN ISLAND—Canadians coming to Nicaragua is actually pretty common, especially in the colder winter months when the lure of a Central American/Caribbean vacation is only a few mouse clicks away on your favorite travel site. The voyage usually consists of a connecting flight in the […]

RightSide Guide Magazine is Here!

Introducing the first issue of the survival guide to the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, the RightSide Guide magazine! It’s 32 pages packed with information on activities, transport schedules, upcoming festivals and more for the Corn Islands, Bluefields, Pearl Lagoon and Greytown. This edition will be 1,000 copies and, starting in 2013, will be printed every […]

Heavyweight fighter Evans Quinn on the run

He was a heavyweight contender born into a family of boxers from a tiny community on the Caribbean coast. Now he is a man on the run, wanted for murder. Evans Quinn It’s been an interesting few months watching this story unfold. Admittedly this post is a bit early because the situation has not been […]

Pearl Lagoon, free!

Introducing Pearl Lagoon, the latest novel by Eric Timar. On the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua in 1926, U.S. expatriates manage fruit plantations, timber companies, and gold mines. When a stunning local woman named Dorette Fox entangles herself with two Americans, the desultory love triangle combined with an escalating civil war results in murder. Cordell Fletcher, […]

The Greasy Pole

(Editor’s note: This post was originally an email to someone that had a very strict spam filter. I thought, instead of removing the references to work-at-home programs and erectile dysfunction pills and resending to one person, perhaps I should share with everyone. Without the spam references, of course.) Just two weeks ago was the big […]