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Excerpt from Tooth Man

An excerpt from Tooth Man: Stories from Nicaragua’s Mosquito Coast… [The Prussians] had been longing for colonial glory and established a settlement called Carlsruhe near Bluefields in the middle of the Nineteenth Century. They stayed a few years but the project “proved abortive, chiefly on account of the universally prevailing belief, that the climate is unhealthy […]

Contra rebel talks war stories

Plane was trowin bombs on us and all dem tings, dem was lookin us but cahn’t fine we…right der deh sandinista dem did lay waitin on us. Right der we lose about six men…but we cahn’t do dem noting because if you do dem anyting dem say dem was to kill out the people dem […]

Tooth Man: Stories from Nicaragua’s Mosquito Coast

An excerpt from Tooth Man: Stories from Nicaragua’s Mosquito Coast… “Luther was an early convert to American dentistry,” Nigel continued.  “He started his collection of gold fillings back when the American lumber companies were working here and gringo dentists would happen by. The gold was quite cheap in those days because it came straight from […]

Where’s my luggage?

I haven’t checked luggage on an airplane in about the last eight years or so. My trip to the states and back made up for all that frustration I have saved! I do tend to travel light, luggage included. This time I checked my things…which was all of my stuff double bagged in a giant […]

Sabu’s Bay of Pigs story

There is a local socca artist from here named Sabu. Sabu says he is 70 years old but you wouldn’t guess it by watching him perform. One time I asked Sabu if he fought in the war and he said no. I was surprised so I asked him again. “You didn’t hove to fight at […]

Chicken stuff

The other day a chicken strutted into the house, went into an empty bedroom, shit on the bed and laid a blue egg in the closet. I shooed the chicken, left the poo and ate the egg. A few days later I realized the whole silly event didn’t even faze me. Perhaps I have been […]

Legend of the manatee

The manatee statue lived by the shore and beckoned the gentle beasts to the lagoon each winter. They answered the call of their ancestors, the ones who had created the statue. It is said that statue would turn away from the sea sending the manatees away, and would later turn to face the sea, calling […]

Prevention campaign against Leptospirosis

A epidemic of leptospirosis is spreading in Nicaragua. For the moment the only reported cases are on the Pacific side around Leon, but since it is spreading fast, the Nicaraguan government has decided to act. The MinSa (Ministry of Health) has launched a campaign against leptospirosis. Unfortunately, it seems that they forgot to train the […]