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Lobster season is open!

Lobster season officially opened this month! If you like to eat, now is a great time to come visit. Seafood is always abundant, cheap and tasty, and especially now. To celebrate, here is a snippit of a lobster rundown recipe from our friends at Graces Cool Spot on Little Corn Island: Cube and boil the […]

A quick lesson in Coconuts

Pull out your machete and prepare to get schooled on the fascinating and mysterious coconut, thanks to Chris at his blog, bigtingsagwan. Common coconut misconceptions: Coconut milk is the water inside the coconut. Once, while watching the food channel I saw a recognized chef chop open a dry coconut and use its few drops of water […]

Cook stoves of the Caribbean coast

What’s more exciting than a photo gallery of community latrines you may ask? A photo gallery of stoves! I recently visited the creole/miskito village of Kahkabila in the Pearl Lagoon basin and snapped a few shots of locals’ cooking equipment.   And what are they cooking up on these open-fire stoves in their shanty kitchens? […]

It’s Cowfoot. Drink Up!

  I have been meaning to write up a post about local teas here on the Caribbean coast for a while now. As it turns out, Chris beat me to it! So instead of doing my own hard work, below is a link to his blog describing the characteristics of a small sample of some of […]

All about Rundown

First, click on the video below and jam out to Los Gregory’s Rundown Pot. This little tidbit is reprinted from the RightSide Guide magazine. Check out the audio clip below of Jimmy’s interview for more info on what he knows about the history of the Caribbean coast’s favorite dish! I sat with restaurant owner and […]

Dinner from the forest

Oh man, Sunday afternoon, nothing to eat and no food in the kitchen. Then I thought that instead of complaining I should get creative. So I decided to cook dinner with food found in my backyard. Here is what I found: From left to right you are looking at a medium-sized (and still a bit […]

Fresco of the year: Carao aka Stinking Toe!

The spanish name is carao. Google it and see what comes up…”natural cure for anemia?”, “central american miracle fruit” and “blood builder”. Ask locals and they say that doctors prescribe it for patients with anemia and constipation. In Creole English they call it stinkin toe and as soon as you crack it open you smell […]

Dog food

It isn’t often that I post photos of things like…dog food. Nothing gets tossed out…not even chicken heads and feet. On the contrary, what could taste better to a dog than fresh beak n talons on a bed of rice? Actually, I am making a huuuge assumption here… Nobody told me this dish was for […]

Mondongo Stew!

Like beef? Nothing fills an empty stomach like… a cow’s stomach! Mondongo is just that. And mondongo stew is one of the best creole delicacies on the coast. While you can find mondongo on the Pacific side of Nicaragua, they sure don’t cook it like this. Ingredients: 1 cow stomach (aka mondongo) 2 liters coconut […]