Cima Karaoke

The nightlife in Bluefields is one of the most interesting/dangerous/fun aspects of visiting the city. Interesting as you find yourself as a curious anthropologist studying the people, the dancing and the beer, dangerous because you feel like you are in the wrong part of town regardless of where you go and fun because the nights are often unforgettable.


For the more fashionable, well-dressed clientele, the C$50 entrance to get into the top story is worth the price.


Contrary to what the name implies, this isn’t Japan. There is NO karaoke. What you will find is an air conditioned club with the most attractive 20-somethings in town. Expect to see the clientele fueled by C$20 Tonas and the popular dancehall, socca, bachata, salsa, spanish pop and dance hits mixed by the in-house DJ. They also host Halloween parties and local concerts from time to time.


Saturday nights after 9pm the club begins packing them in, but Thursdays and Fridays are also good, though a bit less crowded.


Cima Karaoke is in the third story of a three-story building smack in the middle of downtown Bluefields. Second story is Cima Club with no cover and socca/dancehall/bachata blasting all night. First story is a collection of clothes shops closed after 6pm. Keep an eye out for the orangey building on the first corner on the left, one block west of the main street that follows the waterside downtown, down the calle comercial. Entrance is the stairs right on the corner.

Cima Karaoke is good if you are looking for a good selection of spanish and caribbean music in a more upscale setting than the usual Bluefields dance hall. Check it out if you are passing through Bluefields on a weekend.


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