Coconuts: The island’s deadliest fruit?

From the desk of Noticias de Bluefields – A young tourist named Noel, age 23, who was vacationing on Little Corn Island lost his life yesterday (15 January), accidentally, when he tied his hammock between coconut trees and one fell on top of him. Last night the municipal authorities and islanders held a vigil at the health center in Corn Island. His family who are Nicaraguans living in Florida (USA) transported his body today. R.I.P.

Note: According to a very reliable source, this kid had tied his hammock to a rotten palm tree that fell over on him during the night. Apparently he was found dead the next morning. Not a pretty sight. I was told this happened at the new Yemaya resort on the north end of the island. Though he was on the property he was not a guest of the resort.

Del escritorio de Bluefields News – Un joven turista de nombre Noel de 23 años de edad, que se encontraba de vacaciones en la islita (Little Island) perdió la vida ayer (15 enero), de manera accidental, cuando amarro su hamaca a uno de los palos de coco, este se le vino encima, anoche las autoridades de la alcaldía y los isleños le realizaron una vela en el centro de centro de salud de Corn Island, su familia de origen nicaragüense radicada en Florida, (EEUU) traslado hoy su cuerpo. R.I.P

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2 Responses to “Coconuts: The island’s deadliest fruit?”

  1. GB13 February, 2014 at 12:40 pm #

    Hola- I had the unfortunate experience of seeing Noel’s body, still untouched, the morning he was found. The coco tree that he tied the side of the hammock that was towards his feet was rotten. It was the entire tree that fell on him, not just a single coconut.

    I just wanted to let people know the exact facts of his death.

    Check every time that what you tie your hammock to is sturdy and stable.


    • Casey13 February, 2014 at 6:58 pm #

      Greg thanks for the update. Before talking to you I had pieced together what I could from different sources on the island…it seemed nobody was quite sure of exactly what happened.

      You are absolutely right…check not only that the tree is solid, also that there is no danger of things falling on top of you (coconuts, palm fronds, etc).
      I will update the post.

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