Corn Island Ferry out of commission! back in commission!

Bluefields to Corn Island ferry Rio Escondido

Dead in the water, ladies and gentlemen.

Engine broke! Repairs needed! Out Of Commission!

That’s right, the trusted ferry between El Rama, Bluefields and Corn Island is not going anywhere until the motor gets fixed. And who knows how long that will be! So if you are planning your trip to Corn Island the cheap and easy way, well, it won’t be as easy now.


It has been fiiiixed! You can find it running it’s normal route between Rama, Bluefields and Corn Island. 


The other option is the Capt. D which also leaves on Wednesday between 9am and 3pm usually. You have to buy your tickets at the office across the street from Oasis casino in Bluefields.

Other transport info here.

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