Crab Soup Festival on Big Corn Island, August 27th!

Celebrating the release of the 99 slaves on the island by the Queen of England during the nineteenth century, the Crab Soup Festival has turned into the biggest party the Corn Islands see every year.

Bring your own bowl!

The morning begins with a parade around Big Corn island with truck floats decorated by the local schools and organizations and marching bands following carnival dancers, some of which you may recognize from the May Pole festival in Bluefields. People congregate around the field in Sally Peachy around lunch time where you can find various food vendors selling rundown, soda cake and other Caribbean tastes. The afternoon is filled with carnival groups dancing on stage, local concerts and a greasy pole which is always sight to see.

Crab Soup parade!

To find the crab soup just look for the crowd of locals holding bowls (Tip: bring your own!) and get in “line” because the soup is free and doesn’t last long! When night falls the party moves to the local bars which spin the hottest reggae music on the market. Dance with a local…it’s a cultural experience!

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