Famous and historical casinos in Latin America

I am a big fan of casinos. We have two here in Bluefields, the Oasis and the Texas, both of which will take several years off your life from the cigarette smoke alone. But they are good fun for the person who enjoys hitting the machines and can spare to lose C$100 ($4) over the course of an hour.

Below is a post submission about some of the other casinos in Latin America, specifically Bolivia.

When on holiday, casinos provide an entertaining place in which to visit. Casinos are quite unique in comparison to one another while some commonalities remain, such as the casino games offered. Many of these are often similar to those offered at Gaming Club online casino so many travellers already have some playing experience. One of the nations of Latin America, Bolivia, is becoming a popular place for gamblers.

Casino gaming is relatively new to Bolivia. The industry was not legalized until a little over a decade ago. Once legalization occurred, casino development soared thanks to the interest of foreign investors. The Bingo Bahiti was the first casino to open in the country following legalization. The casino was solely focused on bingo which has become extremely popular in the country. The Bingo Bahiti is situated in Santa Cruz and is designed to host as many as 2,000 players at any given time. While many land based casinos offer special area for high rollers, the Bingo Bahiti is no different. A special VIP room can be accessed by select clientele of the Bingo Bahiti. Decorated with a beautiful Egyptian theme, the Bingo Bahiti features a bar and restaurant. An outdoor grill can also be chosen as an eatery. Visitors can expect to find other events hosted here as well.

The Bolivian city of Santa Cruz is the home to another casino worthy of a visit by tourists. This one has been recently completed and now is open for business. The Golden Horse Casino is much smaller and provides a warmer gaming atmosphere. The Golden Horse casino is affiliated with the Casablanca Hotel. The dress code at the casino is casual and electronic table games are found here. Like the Bingo Bahiti, a restaurant and bar can be found at the Golden Horse Casino.

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