Famous and historical casinos in Latin America

I am a big fan of casinos. We have two here in Bluefields, the Oasis and the Texas, both of which are good fun for the person who enjoys hitting the machines and can spare to lose C$100 ($4) over the course of an hour.

Below is a post submission about some of the other casinos in Latin America, specifically Bolivia.

Latin America is a popular choice among tourists. With its pleasant climate, the region is appealing to many. It also provides a very diverse landscape both physically as well as culturally. Expect to find many activities in which to participate while visiting the region. For instance, casino gaming has become rather well liked in the region. The country of Uruguay has a lot of casinos, considering its smaller size in comparison to neighboring countries.

The largest casino located in Uruguay is the Conrad. Located at the luxurious beach resort Punta del Este, the casino is rather spectacularly reminiscent of the Vegas casino. The casino is filled with music and drinks are free to playing customers. The casino uses the US dollar as its currency. However, there is a cashier that can convert any other currencies. Roulette is perhaps the most widely played game in Uruguay. The version is the European roulette game which features only the single zero, therefore, having more favourable odds for players. Blackjack is also another popular table game, second to roulette.

Travelers wanting a more intimate casino than the Conrad may want to visit Nogaro. The casino is within close proximity to the famous dedos or fingers, another sight for visitors to enjoy. Like the Conrad, the US dollar is the dominant currency used. However, some gaming machines do permit players to use pesos. Table games here include European roulette, blackjack and chemin de fer. Some of these games visitors may already be familiar with especially if they play at online casinos likeĀ LuckyNuggetCasino.com. A separate room has been created to house video slot machines. A restaurant, Sargo, is also included to making dining convenient. A lounge known as the Dakota Lounge also exists to make entertaining easy. Shows and events are also periodically hosted by the Nogaro.

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