Garifuna Day in Orinoco on the 19th of November

It’s that time ladies and gentlemen! Grab your drum and head out to Orinoco where the party has already started for Garifuna Day!

I won’t give up too many details other than you can expect great food, a fun live band from Honduras or Belize and lots of people dancing with fast feet and hips and slow shoulders. You will see what I mean when you get there!

2 Garifuna woman on the boat to Orinoco

The Rio Escondido will be leaving from Bluefields around 5:30am on Tuesday, 19th of November and returning sometime that night. You can get your tickets at the Consejo Regional or the Garifuna office in Adephca. Just ask a taxi driver. Cost is probably somewhere around C$300.

There is also a panga leaving. Ask at the Wendelyn Vargas office at the municipal wharf.



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