Places to Eat in Greytown

There are not a lot of options for eating in this little town, but there are some good bargains and tasty surprises to be had.

Asados el Papayal – Looking for something typical and cheap? Check out this place hidden on a corner in the back neighborhood of Papayal. Delicious nacatamales and fritos. C$30 nacatamales.

El Diamante – Hotel with bar/restaurant open from noon to midnight. Perched in the back center of town, just south of the wharf. Again, no sign, so you will have to ask around. Unfortunately it wasn’t open when I visited but they claim to offer typical dishes.

Hotelito Evo – Again, no sign, but located behind Hotelito Evo is Evo’s little restaurant. It is usually only open if he has guests staying. Good breakfasts. About C$100 – C$150 a plate.

Rasta’s Place – The same Rasta that owns the little hostel is actually a professional chef with years of experience. Probably the best food in the area, go find him a day before to reserve breakfast, lunch or dinner. Located on the north side of town, you will have to ask around or have someone show you where his place is since there isn’t a sign.

Restaurante Familiar – Follow the waterside long enough and you will eventually see this place. They have a menu but your best bet is to order whatever is on special – usually whatever is cooking in the cauldron as you enter the bar area. C$60 rundown hot from the pot!

Restaurante Sabor Tropical – Across the street from Restaurante Familiar, this bar/restaurant is upstairs from one of the biggest dancehalls in town. It’s a little more upscale than the rest and a little more expensive, though usually can only offer about half of what the menu lists.

Random bakeries – There are several small shops around town that sell baked goods in the window. Go for the coconut bread or cinnamonnyish rolls (ain’t cinnabon, but ain’t bad). As usual, the shops don’t have names so you will have to ask around. “Donde se vende pan?”


Anything I missed or changes to be made? Let me know!



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