Places to Stay in Greytown

There are  few places to stay in the town of San Juan. All of them are of similar price and quality except for the Rio Indio Lodge, a $5-million jungle resort tucked away outside of town.

Cabinas Escondite – Rasta’s place. Like its namesake, these cabins are hidden away in the north side of town. Two cabins surrounded by gardens offer private accomodation. If the short, stocky Rasta isn’t at the wharf waiting for you already, just ask around town for him and they will point you in the right direction. When you think you are lost, you are almost there; there is no sign. He also is a great cook! Budget – midrange $$

Cabinas Monky – On the north side of town, about a block west of the military area. They have a few small, clean rooms with their own bath and tv with a double bed or a room with two singles. They also offer a discounted rate for weekly+ visitors. Budget $

El Diamante – One of the nicer places in town, the offer cabins for singles/couples and dorm-style rooms with 5 beds for groups. There is a bar/restaurant attached, open from noon to midnight. There is no sign, so you will have to ask around to find this place (kind of in the back, just south of the wharf but not all the way across the swamp). Midrange $$

Hotelito Evo – The first place people will probably lead you to if you ask around town for where to stay. Don’t expect anything fancy…it looks like painted up project housing turned into rooms-for-rent. But the family is very friendly and rooms are clean and inexpensive with single, double and triple occupancy. Evo also offers the slowest internet on earth on his private computer for C$20/hour (at the time of this writing) Budget $

Lodge Familiar – Centrally located on the waterside path, this place offers a few decent rooms, mostly to locals passing through. Has a decent little bar/restaurant attached.

Rio Indio Lodge – The quality of high-class adventure lodging has crossed into the pristine Indio-Maiz Reserve. This lodge is a very clean and surrounded by water and jungle. It is fit for those traveling above and beyond the backpacker budget and offers trekking, fishing and sightseeing within the reserve. Rooms are reservation only, and prices can be found on their site:


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