I don’t look drugs, drugs look me!

Cocaine sells for $5,000 per kilo on the southern Nicaraguan coast. That’s what Delry told me. But back when he found 36 kilos in Spanish creek it went for $2,500 per kilo.

“I done carry it ta Bluefields an sell it all. Den I gone ta my mamma’s house an I throw all deh money on deh bed. She say, Delry, who you kill?! Who you rob fa get all dat money? I say I no kill nabody mamma, I fine cokes on deh beach an I sell it!”

Delry told me he built his mother a house, built his wife a house and bought himself a panga. The rest of the money he drank and gave away and today he can’t lay claim to his wife, his panga or even a nickel of that money. But that doesn’t bother him. Narcotraficantes run cocaine up the coast pretty regularly and, on the odd occasion they are on the verge of getting caught by the Nicaraguan military, it all gets thrown overboard. Some people scour the beach their entire lives in hopes of winning the cocaine lottery but they usually come up empty-handed.

“I done fine three sack a cokes in mi life, 36 kilos on deh beach and two wit 18 kilos when I was fishin. I nevah go lookin drugs, drugs dem look me!”


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