I’ll have what they are having

Everything is a little bit different on the Caribbean coast and the food is no exception. Listed below is a sample of the tasty fare you can expect to find.

Rondon (run down) is a stew made with chunky veggies and a meat (usually turtle, seafood or pork) boiled in coconut milk and served with rice. Rondon is the dish most locals think of when they think of coastal food.
Coconut bread is a local favorite usually found only in the panadarias. In Bluefields, try a loaf from the non-profit bakery in the small green building across the street from the park, just past the park’s right corner when facing the direction of the bay.
Turtle is endangered but supposedly their capture is regulated by the government. It is found on some restaurant menus and tastes like well-seasoned beef.
Soda cake is a heavy, soft, plain cookie. Sometimes has ginger.
Johnny cake is a thick, plain white bread roll. Comes from the word,  journey cake.
Corn cake is a very heavy, filling, custardy slice of heaven.
Coco cake has a similar texture to corn cake but is made with coco (quiquisque). Brown and sticky but tasty.
Pico is a little folded pastry with a sugary cheese mixture inside. Very common.
Pati looks like a little corn-tortilla pocket with mildly spicy ground meat inside. C$5 sold on the street.
Toto is a mini gingerbread cake.
Bread cake is hard to find but oh so good! It has a similar texture to coco cake but tastes like, well, bread.
Kriminal is a hot beverage made from boiled bread fruit, a little cinnamon and a sometimes a lot of rum. It’s the kind of thing that you might find at a party in a creole neighborhood and nowhere else.
Ginga beer will burn out your throat if you are not careful! Made from boiled ginger and a little sugar and a little love, it is usually made on special occasions.

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