It’s a Sandinista party!

Whoo hoo!! Sandinista’s win! Well, some Sandinista’s wouldn’t agree, but he Orteguistas would. His Sandinista party is far left, while the majority of the party members are more center-left. Unfortunately for them, opposing Sandinista parties (though not opposing parties) have been made illegal by Ortega. But, far left is more left than right, so it falls as the lesser of two … unwanted things.

This is a fraction of the 100,000 party supporters I mingled with earlier this year in the Plaza de Revolución in Manauga. There were a few recognizable faces there as well:

Nobel peace prize laureate Rigoberta Menchu

It is an extremely rare occasion that I feel star-struck, but I did this day when I saw Rigoberta Menchu in the flesh. It is impossible to study Spanish in Guatemala and not hear learn her story. The book is called, I, Rigoberta Menchu. Read it and weep.

Oh yeah, Dannyboy was there, too.


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