La Costeña airline stole C$500 from my bag!

Let this be a warning to all La Costeña passengers, and all airline passengers in general:

Do NOT leave small items of value (rings, watches, jewelry, cash, etc) in your checked luggage. “Security” has sticky fingers!

Don't get taken for a ride.

I returned from Corn Island to Bluefields on the first flight Tuesday the 12th. It had been a good trip…I visited some friends, saw a few games of the Atlantic Baseball series, got some cool pictures and was leaving on a high note. To avoid carrying too much $$ on me during the trip, I had stashed my biggest bills in my bathroom bag in my luggage. Safekeeping, or so I thought. I checked my luggage and remembered about my money tucked away in there as I was waiting for the flight to board. Uh-oh, I hope that wasn’t a mistake, I thought to myself…

Sure enough, when I returned to Bluefields, my worries were realized. My bathroom bag had been completely dumped out in my luggage and someone had nicked C$500 (worth about $25). They had left the 200 and 100 notes and just taken the one 500 that I had in there. So much for safekeeping!

I immediately called La Costena in Corn Island and was told that they were not responsible for my missing money. And checking the ticket, I saw that indeed, that is one of the conditions of flying. The lady I spoke with seemed very uncomfortable talking about this situation and said she would talk to security, then hung up the phone on me. I emailed the airline straight away explaining the situation and have not received a reply.

La Costeña is the only airline flying routes in Nicaragua at the moment. I am very aware of their reputation for bad customer service, losing luggage, bumping reserved passengers off of flights, internal organization screwups and the like (I don’t even want to know what their maintenance record is like). But this is the first time I have heard of them stealing things from bags.

But why not? When you buy your ticket, you give them amnesty from being held accountable for stealing! With the blame the victim attitude this country possesses, if your things get stolen from your bag, it’s YOUR fault for leaving them there.

Sorry La Costeña, next time I take the boat.


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