Let’s elect a president!

It should be a new one, but instead, it’s the same old names. There’s Aleman, a previous president who was convicted of money laundering,¬†embezzlement¬†and corruption, and the incumbent who is expected to win, Ortega. Ortega is one of the original¬†Sandinistas, and before his term limits were up, he had the supreme court (sandinista appointed supreme court, mind you) change the law so he could run a third term.

Sandinista youth parade back in May, 2011

Actually, I should reword that. There is only one name. Daniel Ortega has won with a landslide 60%+ of the vote. In this case, the big change is that things will stay the same.

Or not…word on the street is that with Ortega’s third term will come the road between Bluefields and Managua and, on a much larger scale, the deepwater port in the tiny community of Monkey Point.

Another Sandinista youth parade on 19th of July, 2011

There is a big party tonight…after an alcohol-free weekend (yes, sales were against the law so that people would be sober to vote on Sunday), no doubt tonight is going to make up for it. I will have to do my duty as the gringo reporter to go see first-hand how much celebrating will be happening!

Sandinista celebration parade. Ortega wins and 61% of the population is happy about it!


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