Places to Eat in Little Corn Island

Little Corn Island might have the biggest variety of restaurants in the smallest space in all of Nicaragua. Cuban, Italian, American and of course, Coastal fare are all available.

Note: Cash is king on the island but several of the restaurants accept credit cards for a 5% – 10% fee.

Besides the restaurants listed below, there are several street vendors that sell great food. If you want something to fill your stomach cheap, keep an eye out for Jose who walks around selling tasty homemade papaya and coconut pizzas and pati, Angela who peddles some of the best nacatamales this side of Granada, and the old fellah who sells fruit pati.

Cafe Desideri – Cool little Italian place with authentic cuisine at island prices. A great place to sit and watch the sun go down or saddle up to the bar with a few friends. The starfruit juice is excellent. Accepts credit cards and offers cash back for a 10% charge.

Carlito’s – Eat seafood the way it was meant to be eaten on Corn Island…on the beach! Other menu items include lobster and Carlito’s famous fried chicken. Accepts credit cards.

Comedor Casona – This is culture-colored place just on the left as you head down the brick sidewalk toward Casa Iguana. Prices area  few cords higher but is usually full for dinners.

Farm Peace & Love – Italian food cooked by an Italian chef. Ingredients imported from Italy. Huge Italian portions. A bit expensive but you get what you pay for. Reservations required the day before.

Georgina’s – A tiny shack on the beach between Steadman’s place and Derek’s is where Georgina cooks up some of the freshest dishes on the island. Ask her what she is cooking, or better yet, give her at least a half-day advance notice for an Caribbean chop siu or fish rundown.

Havana Libre – A higher-end bar/restaurant just a few steps from the wharf specializing in Cuban food. Great clean, open-air atmosphere and gets good reviews for the food and specialty drinks. Accepts credit cards.

Mango’s Pizza – Just look for the bottle house to find some of the best outside dining on the island! Food is fairly priced and there is a good variety from pizza and calzones to local dishes. Rumor has it that this is where to find the best rondon on the island.

Rosa’s – Just down the bricked sidewalk on the way to Casa Iguana from the village sits this little gem. They have a good menu and are inexpensive (as far as island prices go).

Rastas never die – A tiny place painted culture colors (the rasta red, green, yellow and black) located in the village offering good western and Nicaraguan breakfasts and lunches.

Tranquilo – Coffee house/giftshop/restaurant is located in the center of the village and is where you can go for the comfort food you miss: cheeseburgers and chocolate chip cookies! Always a good place to meet other travelers or just chill and watch the island walk by. Check out the Saturday night bonfire on the beach. Accpets credit cards.

Triangle Restaurant – Great little local place located in the triangle where the sidewalk splits in front of the school. Expect to see it busy for dinner nightly. Also sells fresh coconut bread.

Turned Turtle – Located in the Little Corn Beach and Bungalow. From their website, “Our goal is to have North American quality food, timeliness, cleanliness and service that puts The Turned Turtle in a class by itself on Little Island.” Accepts credit cards.



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