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Boat to Little Corn Island

After opting out of Nautilus for diving, we went right off shore down thr steps from Morgans. Nice different mix of sealife than what we see in Florida. The first thing you notice is giganormous starfish. 6-9″ around. I watched the guys for ages. I am sure Rich was ike, get over the starfish but as those of you who have read my posts before know, I love the microlife and how everything interacts with each other from the tiny to huge sharks. We did three shore dive and scrubbed the fourth. First two dives were fine. We got a little disoriented and didn’t get far… read more

Good trip report with lots of photos!

I could use words to describe this place, but I would be in danger of running out of superlatives and messing with over-used clichés trying to articulate the virtues of this little corner of paradise (there I go already!), so I’ll use some pictures instead.

Sold yet? It didn’t take us long to fall in love with this diminutive land mass, only 1.6 sq km and free of roads, traffic and over-enthusiastic development that plagues so many other beautiful Caribbean more

General overview of the island with a nice selection of activities, hotels and restaurants:

Little Corn Island is special in its own way. It has the same characteristics as it larger counterpart, but as hard as it is to believe, it is much quieter. In fact, before my first visit, a friend kindly told me “Bring mosquito repellent and an extra roll of toilet paper, and expect the electricity to be off each morning.” But despite the rustic qualities, you will be guaranteed peace and quiet. There are no cars, and traffic consists mostly of bicycles and dogs.
The history of the Corn Islands sounds like something from of a pirate’s tale. Due to their isolated location, they were once a frequent stopping point for both British and French pirates and buccaneers in search of their next conquest, whether it is a merchant ship loaded with supplies or gold. In fact, several known shipwrecks are still scattered in the region, which have become popular diving areas. Unfortunately, some areas still serve as a haven for drug traffickers and it is not unusual to see the United States Coast Guard flying over the area…read more

Clear and anecdotal review of a trip to the island, complete with banana-leaf joint mention:

The next morning after our mildly entertaining adventure we took a ferry to Little corn Island, a place with not a single car, or roads large enough to ever fit one. After being dropped off at the docks, we walked through sand, and jungles asking around at different hotels for vacancy. We finally found a place that had huts available. Forget ocean view, we ended up getting a hut literally ON the ocean. I mean like ON the beach. Like there was no floor in this bungalow thing. There were hammocks everywhere, one right outside of our door. Then other little bungalows with tables to eat and play cards… then more hammocks everywhere, and two steps out – the beach.

Bob Marley always reminds me of growing up in Puerto Vallarta, so I day dreamed with his music as I laid around and swam in the ocean. I think in totally we spent 1 or 2 weeks here, but this was one of those times where I realized time being a theory might be true. I swear when I was in this island, time did not exist… hours felt like days, days felt like minutes, naps made me feel new, when I swam out of the water I felt new days, long days, happy days, solitude and company, quiteness, calmness, beauty…read more


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