Little Corn Island Shows Signs of Growth

From the Nicaragua Dispatch:

LITTLE CORN ISLAND—On the northern coast of Little Corn Island, a new boutique resort is expected to open within the next few months. The Yemaya Island Retreat will feature 16 luxury cabins, each equipped with hot running water, 24-hour electricity, verandas that overlook the beach, Jacuzzis and an “organic spa.” The resort will also boast fine dining in its restaurant and bar.

Yemaya will be in a class of its own on Little Corn; no other accommodation is as modern or luxurious. Set just meters away from a pristine, secluded beach lined by swaying palm trees, the cabins are a typical postcard image of the luxury Caribbean getaways advertised on TV.

But Little Corn Island has never had a rich-and-famous tourism vibe. Its ethos is chill. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the island. And even if they were, there would be no where to drive them; most roads on the island are tramped-dirt footpaths. Tourists on the island come to relax on empty beaches, dive and snorkel. They are what you might describe as “hippies,” “beach bums,” divers, or young couples hiding from civilization for a week-long affordable and romantic getaway.

Read more at the Nicaragua Dispatch

Little Corn Island has many unspoiled beaches (photo/ John Morgan)


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